I’m a constantly challenging developer.


Software Developer (Web)

Key Competencies

for Software Developer (Web)

  • Business analysis and rapid development environment adaptability
    • Various development environment adaptability experienced in many projects.
    • Analytical skills of business process with the credentials of the information processing article.
    • Understand the ERD, analyzing the flow of data, improve processing business.
  • Quality improvement capacity
    • Improve the errors and bugs through scrupulous testing.
  • Document processing capability
    • History management about the schedule and content of the business.
    • Document creation capabilities such as user guides and work proceeding.

Work Experience

  • Rich & Co.
    • Feb.2018 – Present
      • Manager
      • Developed a rights management system that works with internal systems of the company.
      • Work Experience continued.
  • Freelancer
    • Feb.2015 – Jan.2018
      • DONGBANG
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Manager
      • Develop web application for listening to manage the recorded files that were consulted by Call Center.
    • Aug.2014 – Dec.2014
      • CITUS
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Manager
      • Re-built web application to manage agricultural genetic information in National Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
    • Apr.2014 – Aug.2014
      • NBREDS
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Assistant Manager
      • Develop authentication system to target the customers in SK Telocom.
    • Jul.2013 – Mar.2014
      • STAM
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Assistant Manager
      • Develop web application to manage weather system in SK Planet.
  • Trionsoft Inc.
    • Feb.2013 – Jun.2013
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Assistant Manager
      • Maintenance of existing systems and develop new systems. Implementation of the login process using the certificate.
  • Freelancer
    • Oct.2012 – Dec.2012
      • Oniontech
      • Gyeonggi-do, KOREA
      • Assistant Manager
      • Modify existing Web applications, and implementation of new business processes. Implementation of SMS Message segmentation process.
    • Jun.2012 – Oct.2012
      • Trionsoft
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Assistant Manager
      • Java-based business process implementation of web applications.
  • DIREA Co., Ltd
    • Jun.2009 – May.2012
      • Seoul, KOREA
      • Staff
      • Development web application for FEP monitoring system. Development window java application to create an electronic document interface used by MCI.

Software/Systems Skills

  • Programming language
    • Java, Jsp, FreeMarker, javascript
  • Open Source
    • jQuery, jqGrid
  • Framework
    • Spring, X2
  • Database
    • Oracle, MS-SQL, MySql
  • ORM
    • MyBatis
  • TOOL
    • Eclipse, Toad, SQL Developer, MS Office,, etc.


Bachelor’s degree in Dongshin University. 03/2001 – 02/2009


  • Java Expert by Bit Academy.
  • Java Programming Language by SUN.
  • Java Programming Language Workshop by SUN.
  • Servlet & JSP with JDBC Workshop by SUN.

Occupational personality type

ENFP(Extrovert Intuitive Feeling Percieving)